United Group Goes Green!

Location, Location, Location! The United STEP 1 building is located in the NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) backed STEP Park (Saratoga Tech + Energy Park), one of New York States premier technology locations. A strong logistic advantage and creative synergistic position, coupled with a quality of life that is important to the modern workforce, positions STEP 1 as one of Upstate New York’s hottest new technology addresses.


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Design Advantages

STEP is the first technology park designed for research, development, and light manufacturing related to clean-energy and environmental technologies in New York State.The buildings will be clustered in a manner that will form properly-scaled outdoor “people places” to achieve a campus-like visual impact and to conserve a meaningful open space around each neighborhood.

NYSERDA intends to create community facilities for STEP tenants. These may include shared common business facilities, conference facilities, and convenience retail that provide places to meet other STEP tenants and that create a sense of place.The United STEP I building is configured to support a flexible multi-tenant concept to facilitate a variety of tenant functions including:

  • business offices
  • research lab space
  • scale-up light - manufacturing or pilot plant
  • light - manufacturing

Scale-up and light - manufacturing operations typically require single story high-bay building space whereas the office functions can occur in a multistory configuration. Laboratory operations can occur in either high-bay or multistory space depending on mechanical and utility support requirements. Common areas including conference rooms, toilet facilities, entrance lobby, elevator, stairways, and lunch/break facilities will be provided within the multistory component. A business center including mail, copy and other business services including building management could also be provided in a common area if tenant demand supported the operation.

The building will be organized around a north-south circulation spine between high-bay and multistory building components. The circulation axis will facilitate multi-tenant configurations of space along each side, access to common areas and legal ingress / egress requirements. The spine could be activated as an internal main street facilitating chance interactions between tenants traversing between office areas, common areas and the high-bay spaces. A central building entrance lobby with stair and elevator access is envisioned, surrounded by common support areas for use by all tenants.

Our program entails a building of approximately 105,450 GSF. The modular approach allows us to place eastwest demising walls in both the office and high-bay space for maximum flexibility in servicing tenant space needs.The office areas will be organized on the western side of the axis with western facing windows along a pedestrian street frontage The truck access will be a combination of depressed loading dock and at grade access to accommodate the logistic needs of the building occupants and typical over-the-road tractor trailer configurations.

Since tenant needs in the high-bay space can vary widely and involve manufacturing process operations, our goal is to create an efficient envelope that can be customized to support a tenant’s specific needs. Spaces can be simply heated and ventilated and supplemented by mechanical ventilation or full blown air-conditioning systems can be incorporated either on ground floor space or on elevated mechanical mezzanines within the space. The tenant’s operations will drive the solution for the space. Power is integral to the smooth operation and productivity in a manufacturing environment. To ensure a stabilized power supply, we have taken aggressive steps to provide a supply that is consistent, reliable and cost effective.

  • Building Exclusive Plug Power Backup Hydrogen Cell
  • Contractually Reduced Power Usage Rates through National Grid
  • Contractually Reduced Delivery Charges through National Grid